Can I adjust the coffee temperature?

Yes you can. Before changing settings, make sure the brewer is in “standby” mode.

Press “VOLUME” button 3 times rapidly, ensuring that this is done within 3 seconds, then press “BREW” button. This will take you into the temperature “set up” mode.

When you enter the temperature set up mode, the LCD will read level 12, which is the default temperature setting. Level 12 is a brewing temperature of 92ºC.

To increase the temperatures, press the “VOLUME” button until you read the desired level.
The levels and corresponding temperatures are:
7 – 87ºC, 8 – 88ºC, 9 – 89ºC, 10 – 90ºC, 11 – 91ºC,
12 – 92ºC, 13 – 93ºC, 14 – 94ºC, 15 – 95ºC, 16 – 96ºC, 17 – 97ºC

Turn off the power to save the temperature set up.