Control stock / inventory in many stores (WooCommerce)


In your newsletter you told us that your some of your affiliates has several coffee shops, and that they control the shops inventory and stock using a plugin. Could you please clarify what you mean with “using the plugin Woomultistore you can control stock and products of many stores”? To me it sounds that when I add or edit a product for one of the coffee bean webshops it will automatically change on the other webshop when that box is ticked. If that is the case, then your plugin will basically connect both webshops so that my customer only has to attend to one of the two webshops and doesn’t have to update both webshops separately when any coffee product changes.


Yes, that is how that plugin works, it control stock / inventory in many stores from only one store. Both product data and stock can be controlled. Many of our affiliates uses it. Please contact us if you need help setting up more than one online coffee store.