Different Ways To Brew Coffee

Most of us have our favorite way of making coffee. And, that choice depends a lot on the type of coffee maker we have in our home. While I can remember growing up in a house where my mother used a percolator to brew coffee, the drip coffee maker is the one most of us have owned and used in more recent years. There are many ways to brew a cup of coffee, and the process is slightly different depending on the variety of coffee brewing you choose.

As mentioned, percolation is one of the oldest ways to make coffee. While it is not very popular anymore, it still has its fans. Most of the people who still use the percolator are older people who have always used it and see no reason to change their method. However, percolation is a method not used much anymore because the coffee produced can easily get a little bitter. This method involves boiling the coffee grounds which leads to a less than desirable taste for most.

The drip method is the most popular method of brewing coffee. Nearly every home owns a drip coffee maker. The brewing process involves placing ground coffee in the coffee filter basket in the maker. There is a reservoir that is filled with water. As the water is heated it drips through the coffee grounds to the glass carafe. An easy method that brews a quick pot of coffee and the machines are relatively inexpensive.

The French press method is also known as a plunger pot. This is a popular method with people who know their coffee well and want a high quality brew from home. There is more control over the final product using the French press method. Coarse coffee grounds are put into the glass coffee carafe. Hot water is then added and a plunger lid is placed on top of the carafe. After about five minutes the plunger is pushed, taking the grounds with it.

Espresso brewing is using finely ground coffee that is almost powdery in consistency. The nearly boiling hot water is forced through the grounds under high pressure. The brewing is timed so the best flavor is extracted without the bitter taste. This brews a full-flavored, concentrated shot of coffee. Espresso brewing has become more popular as people want to recreate the tastes of the coffee house in their own home.

Brewing coffee with coffee pods that each make a single cup of coffee is becoming very popular. Pods are made with coffee inside a filter-like material, similar to a big tea bag. The water fills the water reservoir and when heated goes through the coffee pod and then into a single serving coffee cup. There is enough ground coffee in each pod to make one cup at a time.

Coffee is the universal drink that can be brewed in many different ways. The decision of which type of brewing method used will yield different coffee tastes to suit the individual preference of each coffee drinker.